Connor Rentz

Connor founded Apple Man Productions in the summer of 2015. Leading the company, Connor is the writer, director, editor, and executive producer for all of the company's projects thus far.

Known for: Boat Ride, Displacement, Spectrum, Lief and Lyra

David Besh

David was the first to join Apple Man Productions after the success of Spectrum. Since then, he has become the company's main cinematographer and an integral part of production and business operations.

Known for: Boat Ride, Displacement, Spectrum

Michael Houston

Michael worked with Connor in screenwriting before joining Apple Man Productions. While also a producer and writer, Michael also represents the company for various contacts.

Known for: Boat Ride

Alex Smith

Alex has a background in theater and broadcasting, working with Connor in front of and behind the camera in high school. His versatile production experience makes him stand out on set.

Known for: Boat Ride, Displacement, Lief and Lyra

Bailey Tingle

Bailey comes from the same high school broadcasting department as Connor, David, and Alex, and joined the team when he filmed extensive behind-the-scenes footage on the set of Boat Ride. While he films BTS, Bailey is also a great help during production.

Known for: Boat Ride

Kat Delghingaro

Kat collaborated with Michael and Connor in screenwriting. Although her focus is in writing, Kat also provides great help throughout filming and editing.