"Oranges" Short Film Releasing Soon

Apple Man Productions will release its first film of 2017, Oranges, this spring. Based on the Gary Soto poem of the same name, Oranges stars Charlie Byrd and Jane-Kelley Smith in this modern short film adaptation of the popular contemporary poem.

The writer and director of our adaptation, Connor Rentz, originally discussed plans for a short film version of the poem while working on pre-production for Displacement in 2016, a year before filming for Oranges began. Once Displacement and Boat Ride were completed, Oranges was among the two projects at Apple Man Productions to receive a spotlight this past winter.

Oranges was filmed in Ringgold, Georgia with help from the community. Locations such as Stuff 4 Less were incredibly flexible, and let us film two entirely separate scenes there while also providing decoration that fit the tone and setting of the film. The variety of locations the town offers allowed us to cover the entirety of filming (minus reshoots) in just a few hours.

This production reunited the entirety of the crew from Boat Ride. This was the second film under the banner for Michael Houston, who served as producer and script supervisor for both Boat Ride and Oranges. Kat Delghingaro worked with Apple Man Productions for the first time on Oranges taking on multiple responsibilities while also recording behind-the-scenes footage.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Oranges is the first film under Apple Man Productions shot in full Cinema 4K resolution. Cinematography was done under David Besh. Thanks to producer and long-time team member Alex Smith (who also directed the reshoots the following week), an identical camera was used for behind-the-scenes footage - another first for the company. Behind-the-scenes footage was also filmed by Bailey Tingle, who previously recorded over an hour of footage during principal photography on Boat Ride.

Since we'd like to keep the film a surprise, we won't be sharing many stills from the film. We are currently in post-production, working on sound mixing, the film's score, and other small things. Our goal was to create a film that brought viewers back to their childhood memories while faithfully recreating the visual cues in Gary Soto's poem. We look forward to sharing Oranges with you when it releases in the next few weeks.