"A Year and a Day" Announced, Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Apple Man Productions is happy to announce an upcoming short film that is currently our biggest project yet: A Year and a Day, a medieval drama about a girl on the run from serfdom. It is estimated to have a thirty minute run-time and is slated for release in January 2018.

A Year and a Day has been in the making for some time. The script was written in early November 2016 and pre-production began almost immediately. We knew the scale of this project would be a huge undertaking, so we planned thoroughly from the start. A Year and a Day was kept under wraps until now - we have released the teaser trailer and launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the film.

We filmed this teaser as a proof-of-concept to give viewers an idea of what the film will be like. The teaser has subtle hints toward the film's story and setting and gives audiences a quick introduction to one of the film's two main characters: Jolee, played by Lena Bledsoe.

As we stated in our Indiegogo campaign overview, A Year and a Day takes place at the dawn of the Black Plague, following a girl on the run and the scorned lord hunting her. Jolee, played by Lena Bledsoe, is an outspoken serf who wants a better life for those around her, and Arin is the son of a hard-nosed lord struggling to meet his father's expectations. While our story is set in Feudal Britain, the binds of traditional gender roles are challenged and broken.

On our Indiegogo campaign page, we have a goal of $3,000. With help from backers, we can get the materials necessary for our art director and costume designer Conner J. Kirsch to fabricate costumes as gorgeous as the one he created for the teaser trailer and start producing props that are safe for our actors to use in some of the more intense scenes. We'll also be able to pay for food and traveling for our cast and crew as we film across the state of Georgia.

Our current goal is to release A Year and a Day not only on DVD and Amazon Instant Video as we did with Displacement last year, but also to submit it to film festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca. To help bring in backers, we are offering better perks than we did on our previous campaign for Displacement.

All backers will receive a handwritten thank you letter, their name listed in the film's ending credits, and access to our production Snapchat. We are also offering signed posters and DVD copies.

During the campaign, we will be posting special featurettes on A Year and a Day about the various aspects of production, including casting, costume design, and more. We hope you will enjoy these featurettes once they are released starting Thursday, March 16th.

Again, everyone at Apple Man Productions is very excited about what this film and campaign have to offer and we look forward to releasing more content for A Year and a Day very soon.