A Year and a Day - Lena Bledsoe as Jolee

As we said in our Indiegogo campaign for our upcoming medieval short film A Year and a Day, we will be posting featurettes weekly to show our progress in pre-production. Our first featurette during the campaign introduces our leading actress, Lena Bledsoe.

Lena plays Jolee, a serf working to help those less fortunate than her. She is one of the film's two main characters. Producer Michael Houston describes the character as requiring "a strong Carrie Fisher approach". While we only get a glimpse of her character in the teaser trailer, Lena still plays the part with a maturity beyond her years.

A longtime actress for the stage, this is Lena's first time acting for film. We are very excited for her full performance in A Year and a Day and to announce her fellow cast members in the upcoming weeks.

A Year and a Day is slated to begin principal photography later later this year and release in January 2018. It is written and directed by Connor Rentz with producers Michael Houston and Alex Smith, director of photography David Besh, camera assistant Elias Delvasto, costume designer Conner J. Kirsch, hair and make-up artist Kat Delghingaro, and behind-the-scenes videographer and photographer Bailey Tingle. We are currently running and Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the film.