A Year and a Day - Costume Design

A Year and a Day is set in the 1340's, during the Black Plague in Europe. During pre-production for the film, our team has discussed taking a few subtle liberties in creating a fantastic but realistic version of that medieval time period. That is where our property master and costume designer Conner J. Kirsch comes into play. In our second featurette during the Indiegogo campaign for A Year and a Day, we take a closer look at the process of creating the costume for Jolee as seen in our teaser trailer.

While primary specializing in prop making, Conner designed and fabricated the beautiful costume Lena Bledsoe wore for the teaser trailer. A unique part of the costume's design was the use of burlap for the cloak and hood piece, which is not only a fun piece to wear, but it also has a great effect under different lighting conditions. Below is the full concept art for Jolee's "on the run" outfit for A Year and a Day. This is only one of the variety of costumes we will see Jolee wearing in the final film.

While only briefly featured here, the pocket calendar seen in the teaser trailer was also turned into a realistic and functional prop by Conner. The look of the prop definitely sets the period of the film. The role of Jolee's pocket calendar is a big key to the story's central conflict, and we hope you look forward to discovering the role it has in the story.

A Year and a Day is slated to begin principal photography in July this year and release in January 2018. It is written and directed by Connor Rentz with producers Michael Houston and Alex Smith, director of photography David Besh, camera assistant Elias Delvasto, costume designer Conner J. Kirsch, hair and make-up artist Kat Delghingaro, and behind-the-scenes videographer and photographer Bailey Tingle. We are currently running and Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the film.