A Company Name Change

As you may know, we recently announced that we are adapting Gary Soto's poem Oranges into a short film. Ever since we wrapped filming on Oranges, our crew has been unable to avoid them. Orange peels seem to magically appear on our paths wherever we're going. It was a sign. So today, we announce a big change for our company: we are changing our name from Apple Man Productions to Orange Man Productions.

Orange juice is really good. It's good for you, too. Oranges are really second bananas to apples... So we decided to help the poor little fruit and give it an eternal spotlight as our new mascot. We removed the mouth because oranges are much more bashful than the apple and don't really talk. The Annoying Orange was, of course, entirely fake. The actual fruit is very calm and collected. It lets others present their thoughts first. Its generosity has surely influenced our aspirations and policies.

On the set of Oranges, director Connor Rentz always listened to the orange. The orange provided great insight on how to properly capture the feeling of being an orange and gave us pointers along the way to ensure that everything we were doing was how an orange would do it. In the photo above, you can see producer Alex Smith leaning in closer to the orange as it rests in Connor's hand, mocking Alex for wearing the shirt of what he calls, "a false idol."

With the help of the orange, we were able to create a film that most effectively captures the emotion of Gary Soto's poem, Oranges. Here is the film's poster:

You better like this poster, Michael, because this was entirely the orange's idea. When Gary Soto wrote the line that says the "porch light burned yellow" (fun fact: Soto accidentally used the color yellow instead of orange), the orange told us that the line was meant to be interpreted as the porch light literally burning and setting the entire town on fire. We obviously wanted to make a film as true to Gary Soto's original vision as possible. Thanks to this kind fruit, we were able to do so. Don't worry - we did not set an entire town on fire. Only part of a town was burned.

But why stop there? Obviously, we needed to have more orange representation in our films. So, we decided to take our film SPECTRUM, which utilized many different colors in its visual storytelling, and simplified it to simply using the color orange. The brand new SPECTRUM - Orange Edition is a much needed upgrade for the film. The screen is so orange, the film can hardly contain it.

Watch the much more superior version of the movie here: