Steve Carter to Score "A Year and a Day"

Steve Matthew Carter from Solace Music Group will be composing the musical score for our upcoming medieval drama A Year and a Day. Carter is a self-taught musician, and founded Solace Music Group with the Fluu in 2011. His film credits include working on the soundtrack for the 2010 film The Other Guys starring Will Ferrell and and Mark Wahlberg, composed the score for the 2016 independent drama Bare Branches, and was the final audio mixer for the award winning short film Figs for Italo.

Our newest featurette for the Indiegogo campaign for A Year and a Day takes us into the facilities at Solace Music Group in New Jersey where Steve Carter will compose the film's music.

You can support Steve Carter and get to know Solace Music group by listening to Steve Carter's music on SoundCloud or visiting the website for Solace Music Group.

A Year and a Day is slated to begin principal photography later later this year and release in January 2018. The film stars Lena Bledsoe, Joey Simon, and John Parcels. It is written and directed by Connor Rentz with producers Michael Houston and Alex Smith, director of photography David Besh, camera assistant Elias Delvasto, audio recorded by Hamilton Troy Hayes, drone cinematographer and operator Noah Lambert, composer Steve Carter, costume designer Conner J. Kirsch, hair and make-up artist Kat Delghingaro, and behind-the-scenes videographer and photographer Bailey Tingle. We are currently running and Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the film.