"A Year and a Day" Indiegogo is Over!

Our Indiegogo campaign for our upcoming medieval drama A Year and a Day is complete, and we have the funds we need to produce the film!

For the past few week's of the campaign, we have shared multiple featurettes to share our progress in pre-production. These featurettes included casting, costume design, drone cinematography, and music. We are very pleased with the response from the featurettes and the proof-of-concept teaser trailer.

A Year and a Day begins filming in late July. We have more announcements coming as we get closer to filming. Once again, thank you to those who supported us, and we would especially like to thank our backers for making production possible!

A Year and a Day is slated to begin principal photography later later this year and release in January 2018. The film stars Lena Bledsoe, Joey Simon, and John Parcels. It is written and directed by Connor Rentz with producer and script supervisor Michael Houston, producer and assistant director Alex Smith, composer Steve Carter, director of photography David Besh, camera assistant Elias Delvasto, audio recorded by Hamilton Troy Hayes, drone cinematographer and operator Noah Lambert, gaffer Caleb O'Neill, costume designer Conner J. Kirsch, hair and make-up artist Kat Delghingaro, clapper loader Madison Bunker, and behind-the-scenes videographer and photographer Bailey Tingle.