"A Year and a Day" Teaser Trailer Released

We have released the first official teaser trailer for our upcoming medieval drama, A Year ana a Day. Originally announced two months ago, this teaser is the first footage released of the film since it was announced through its Indiegogo campaign in February earlier this year.

At the end of our first official teaser trailer, we announce that A Year and a Day will premiere on January 13th, 2018 at Georgia Southern University in the Russell Union Theater! The film is projected to release on DVD and Amazon Instant Video that month. The full trailer for the film will release on Thanksgiving Day.

A Year and a Day stars Lena Bledsoe as Jolee, Joey Simon as Arin, and John Parcels as Lord Ulric. The film also stars Abigail Blake, Joseph Watts, and Isabel Dillard with a score by Steve Carter.

We hope you enjoy this first look at the film!