Apple Man Sequels Scheduled Until 2021, Lief and Lyra 2 Trailer

April Fools 2018!

With the reveal of the first official trailer for Lief and Lyra 2, we have decided to announce our lineup of upcoming sequel films until 2021!

It is important that the films we release include properties you are familiar with, so we are focusing on producing more sequels to our existing library of films. The next six films we release will all be sequels to previous films in the Apple Man library. To celebrate this announcement, we have released a trailer for next year's film Lief and Lyra 2. Check out the trailer below!

For those who may not remember, Lief and Lyra is the first ever Apple Man Productions film. The sequel film, releasing four years after the production of its predecessor, will bring back the original two stars: Alex Smith and Kendall Lively. We felt that Alex's performance as the bartender in A Year and a Day showed potential for him to reprise Lief. We also felt bad because Alex only had one scene in A Year and a Day, and he deserves more than that. So why not just give him another film?

Pictured Above: Alex Smith getting less than he deserved in the 2018 film A Year and a Day.

Joining the cast of Lief and Lyra 2 is no stranger to Apple Man Productions: Joey Simon. Apparently, Joey is the only actor we really know. Like, okay. We know Joseph Watts. We know J Manning Smith-Tate. John Parcels? Yeah, we have all of the J's covered. I guess Joey just doesn't have anything better to do.

Pictured Above: Joey Simon acting a lot in the previous two Apple Man films, A Year and a Day and Star of the Sea.

Pictured Above: Look out, Disney. You're not ready for BOAT RIDE X STAR OF THE SEA.

Before Lief and Lyra 2 releases smudge-free, we will release a sequel to our most dramatic film thus far, the 2016 family drama Displacement. Displacement: Family Reunion will see the Hart family connect with some of their relatives, while Cole and Elle discover more about their families and each other. All of the original cast will return and we will be introducing Joey Simon as Elle's uncle and Saul's brother. More details will follow when the trailer releases this summer.

After the release of Lief and Lyra 2, we will be spending lots of time to produce our first 2020 film, BOAT RIDE X STAR OF THE SEA. This film will crossover the epic stories and characters of both films. They were shot in the same place, after all. The original cast members from both films, including Joey Simon, will return for this an action-packed event you won't want to miss.

Following soon after, we will release a sequel to our sci-fi comedy Point Seven-Three obviously titled Point Seven-Four. While we are saving many details, we can confirm that J Manning Smith-Tate is in talks to return as Frank despite the character's fatal close encounter with a floating ball of light. In this film, Frank will join a detective, played by Joey Simon, to investigate government files on the mysterious ball of light that killed his friend Carl.

At the end of 2020, we will be releasing the highly anticipated sequel to our medieval drama A Year and a Day. Since the original film was so romanticized anyway, we decided to just make the sequel a fantasy film. In Another Year, Another Day, Jolee will return to free all of the serfs from the empire under Lord Arin, played by Joey Simon of course, as Arin's strings are pulled by his father from beyond the grave and his wife Cedany. We promise there will be even more sword fights.

The last sequel we are ready to announce is the highly anticipated sequel to our second Apple Man film, SPECTRUM. Your understanding of color and love will change completely in the follow-up film, SEPIA. A new couple will be featured in SEPIA, including actor Joey Simon. The film is scheduled to release in 2021.

And we know. Oranges is the only one that doesn't have a sequel scheduled, but let's be honest: the two kids in that film probably dye their hair and become the couple in Boat Ride. You may have also thought that the couple in Boat Ride was the same couple in Star of the Sea. We have the cross-dimension explanation in BOAT RIDE X STAR OF THE SEA. Don't worry.