"Star of the Sea" Screening at National Festival in June

Our award-winning silent film, Star of the Sea, will be screening at TERMINUS, a national film festival held in Atlanta, Georgia. The short film, starring award-winning actor Joey Simon and Hannah Hogan, will screen at Hilton Atlanta in Galleria 4. Star of the Sea will play on June 16th at 6:50 PM to conclude the "Drama Tall" block of screenings that starts at 5:50 PM.

When it premiered at the end of March, Star of the Sea won three awards for Best Cinematography, Best Performance, and a Jury Award. Since then, we have released a short behind-the-scenes video to show just how much fun we had while making the film. You can watch both Star of the Sea and the behind-the-scenes reel below.

Star of the Sea will not be alone at this festival. We have friends behind two other films that will be screening at TERMINUS as well: Kat Delghingaro's film Enough and Conner J. Kirsch's animated film Delayed. Both of them have previously worked on Apple Man films before. You can watch both of these films below.

Learn more about TERMINUS and buy tickets on the TERMINUS website.