"A Year a Day" Special Edition DVD Released!

Our medieval drama, A Year and a Day, has finally released on DVD! The Special Edition can be ordered on Amazon and comes packed with hours of bonus features. The short film stars Lena Bledsoe, Joey Simon, John Parcels, Abigail Blake, Isabel Dillard, and Joseph Watts.

You can order the A Year and a Day - Special Edition DVD here on Amazon.

A Year and a Day premiered January 13th with a panel hosted by producer Alex Smith with writer, director, and executive producer Connor Rentz, director of photography and producer David Besh, producer Madison Bunker, and stars Lena Bledsoe, Joey Simon, and John Parcels. The film then screened the following week at Dalton State College and Heritage High School. A month later, the film had an encore screening at Dalton State, and A Year and a Day screened as part of the Ogeechee International History Film Festival. The film is also available for streaming on Amazon and a digital download can be purchased from Reelhouse.