Breaking Into 2017

A lot has changed here at Apple Man since our last short, Boat Ride in October of 2016. We were pretty quiet during the holidays as we prepared the company for a new, bigger year of film-making.

This past Sunday, February 12th, we filmed a brand new short film. We are not going to reveal any major details yet, but we can assure that this adaptation of a contemporary poem will be a very enjoyable short. We started discussing this adaptation during production of Displacement early last year.

This will be the first film under Apple Man Productions to feature child actors, the leading players in our upcoming short. The film's director, Connor Rentz, has both directed children and taught children in acting before. Charlie Byrd is also no stranger to the Apple Man crew: he starred in a high school broadcasting commercial made by Connor Rentz and producer Alex Smith nearly two years ago (he has since mastered the heel click).

Our first short film of 2017 also reunites the crew from Boat Ride in it's entirety while adding new members to the team. This will be the fifth film released by Apple Man Productions. This film is also our first film to be shot entirely in cinema 4K resolution.

In 2015, we released two films: Lief and Lyra on DVD and Amazon Instant Video and Spectrum, which played on Virgin America airlines and at TERMINUS in Atlanta, Georgia. Last year, we released Displacement on DVD and Amazon Instant Video and Boat Ride across Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and Vimeo. Apple Man Productions aims to release four to five short films this year.

Stay tuned for the reveal of our first short film of 2017 and more updates!